Established in 2013, ‘Movilot’ offers support to trailblazing Ultra-Orthodox women who have risen to middle management, and need help to continue along their career path.
The Movilot program has a 3 prong strategy:

What we do


Year long occupational leadership program

At the heart of Movilot’s strategy is a year long training program to develop occupational excellence amongst academic Haredi women who have proven themselves as being highly motivated with demonstrated potential for personal growth and professional development . Each year, we identify and select a group of approximately 30 women who undergo an intensive process aimed at providing them with the tools and professional skill set necessary to take a significant leap forward in their career. This process combines individual guidance and support, group training and mentoring by leaders in Israel’s economic realm.
The program provides a holding environment for the participants from the process to help identify their strengths, talents and interests, to clarifying and determining their desired future directions, and all the way to their integration into their new positions. Our goal is for our ‘movilot’ to identify positions that match their talents and skill set,and pave career paths which will bring to fruition their dreams and aspirations.


Follow-up mechanism

We are committed to guiding and supporting the movilot participants throughout their personal and professional development and are in it for the long term. Upon graduation from the year long program, alumni become lifelong members and are supported with the goal of helping them to attain key roles as well as move the needle on the question of Haredi women in the work force. This network and the accompanying programs provide opportunities for personal and professional growth as well as mutual help and support.


Professional networking

Our growing network of professionals who help direct our participants on their journey, include dozens of industry leaders across sectors and throughout the country. They serve multiple functions and play a critical role in the successful integration of our participants - some serve as personal mentors, some as volunteer coaches and judges at training sessions and mock individual and group interviews, and many hire our alumni upon completion of the program. The motivation of these volunteers lies not only in their interest in supporting an important social process but also in the perceived business benefit.


As women are the principal breadwinners in many Ultra-Orthodox households, they are far more likely to work towards an academic degree than their husbands. But largely due to the absence of professional and social networks in their communities, these women are often relegated to junior or, at most, middle management positions. What’s more, according to a 2012 study by the Israeli Ministry of Finance, Ultra-Orthodox women earn 46% less than secular women on average.
Our theory of change suggests that once we create a successful cadre of Haredi women leaders who successfully break the glass ceiling and populate key positions, it will make way for more Haredi women to enter the workforce. Over the years, we believe that our work will ultimately result in a normal distribution amongst Haredi women, enabling them to advance in ways that reflect their strengths, capabilities, motivation and talent more accurately.
Movilot was inspired by the ‘Olim Beyachad’ and has since then evolved in ways that reflect the vision of the advisory board and our numerous partners across the globe.

תאוריית השינוי

מודל מובילות עוצב בהשראת מודל "עולים ביחד".
פיתוח המודל והתאמתו לקהלי היעד של התוכנית נעשה בשיתוף קואליציה של ארגונים השותפים לחזון ולעשייה.

Professional team

Racheli Ibenboim:Founder and CEO

Racheli is a social entrepreneur dedicated to the development of Haredi women and their full and successful integration into Israeli society.  In addition to her role at Movilot, Racheli heads the Haredi society portfolio at the ‘Shachrit’ Institute which aims to create new social partnerships in Israeli society.

Prior to taking the help of movilot, Racheli was the managing director of Meir Panim. She holds a BA is sociology and communications and is in the process of completing an MA at the University of Haifa.


Iris Agam-Kochvi: Managing Director

Iris comes with years of experience in the management of social programs for diverse populations as well as in managing large scale volunteer programs. She is a certified group facilitator with a specialty in employment processes. Holding a BA in behavioural sciences & Statistics and an MA in Educational management from Ben Gurion University,Iris is the mother of three and lives in Nes Ziona.

Zippy Bornstein: Partnerships manager

Zippi is a pioneer in the realm of employability training for women in the Haredi sector. Zippy runs the psychiatric unit at ‘Maayaney Hayeshua’ and is a lecturer around mental health issues. She holds a BA in occupational therapy from Haifa University and an MA in health infrastructures (is it an MPH?)

Zippy is married and the mother of 6 and lives in Bnei Brak


Yonit Drexler, Coordinator of Movilot Training Program

Yonit holds a BA in Education and Judaism, pioneer in the realm of the integration of haredi women in the workforce with a focus on consultation, guidance and integration. Today she serves as a lecturer and coordinates the year long Movilot training program.  

Yonit lives in Jerusalem with her husband and 6 children.

מובילות היא תוכנית מנהיגות תעסוקתית הפועלת במסגרת קואליציה של ארגונים משלושת המגזרים: הציבורי, האזרחי והעסקי.


ארגוני התשתית הם ג'וינט ישראל- תב"ת וקרן קמח. לצידם, לוקחים חלק משרד הכלכלה, נציבות שיוויון הזדמנויות בעבודה, המכון הישראלי לדמוקרטיה, ארגון עולים ביחד, עמותת תמ"ך, וכמובן מעסיקים רבים.

   תומכים בנו גופים פילנטרופים מהארץ ומהעולם כגון קרן גנדיר, פדרציית ניו יורק וקרנות פילנטרופיות נוספות.

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המכון הישראלי לדמוקרטיה
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